How to access ec2 instance residing in private subnet


  • Create a VPC
  • It will by default create router,securty groups ,NACLS, route tables
  • Create internet gateway
  • Create 2 subnet in the VPC
  • One public subnet, one private subnet
  • Create one route table in which allow traffic from internet( to come to RT and associate the Internet gateway u created
  • Now associate the public subnet u have created with the above route table
  • Create one security group for public subnet and allow icmp,http,ssh,https traffic stateful traffic

    —-At this point if u launch a instance in public subnet of the custom VPC you will be able to ssh and run a yum update using IG
Image Credit: AcloudGuru

If u are not creating another route table your private or any other subnet will by default associate with the main RT(always keep main RT as pvt)create a security group for private subnet as well and allow traffic only from the pubic subnet CIDR , if u want to ssh into private instance using ssh pem

  • Once u ssh into private instance , try running yum update it will fail for sure.
  • for pvt instance to access internet , create a NAT gateway in public subnet and associate the NAT gateway with main route table .

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