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Install oracle database 19c with github repos

This installation demo is performance on RHEL 7 on OCI. In this demonstration , I will install Oracle 19c database from github repository with few simple commands. You can use this quick install for any […]

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MySQL InnoDB cluster Deployment on oracle cloud

In this post, I will walk you through the creation of 3 node MySQL Innodb cluster on Linux. For this demonstration , I have spin up 3 instances in oracle cloud , and I will […]

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Purge Listener log in Oracle

Sometimes , when you have limited space on mount point , and suddenly it starts filling up . While checking you found that , most space is taken by tnslsnr under grid/diag. You can purge […]

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Free up memory/cache on Linux system using /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

To speed up operations and reduce disk I/O, the kernel usually does as much caching as it has memory. This sometime could led to extremely low free space, for new operation and we need to […]

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How to change scan listener port in RAC.

The following example will change the existing scan listener port from 61521 to 1571. 173 2019-09-20.12:21:27 . oraenv 174 2019-09-20.12:21:36 srvctl modify scan_listener -p “TCP:61521/TCP:1571” 175 2019-09-20.12:21:56 srvctl stop scan_listener 176 2019-09-20.12:22:05 srvctl start scan_listener […]

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Remove PDB From Restricted Mode in Oracle

Connected to: Oracle Database 18c EE Extreme Perf Release – Production Version SQL> sho pdbs ;     CON_ID CON_NAME          OPEN MODE  RESTRICTED ———- —————————— ———- ———-          2 PDB$SEED                       READ ONLY  NO          3 […]

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ORA-16573: attempt to change or access configuration file for an enabled broker,ORA-02097: parameter cannot be modified because specified value is invalid

The dg_broker_config_file file was accidentally created on the the local file system , and we needed to move those config file to ASM NAME TYPE VALUE dg_broker_config_file1 string /u02/app/oracle/product/18.0.0 .0/dbhome_2/dbs/dr1dbname.dat But when doing that , […]

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Command to check all the running db with their respective homes in Oracle db 12c

To verify exactly which db and asm is using which home , please match the process id of homes provided in the first half , with the db running in the second half of the […]

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ORA-28354,ORA-28417: Encryption wallet, auto login wallet, or HSM is already open

Today, I faced a unique issue , where Oracle 12c tde encryption the wallet was neither getting opened , not it was closing after issuing close command . When , I was querying the wallet […]

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ASM Instance doesn’t start in Standalone GI with CRS-5818:Aborted command ‘check’ for resource ‘ora..dg

Today I faced a unique issue in one of our HP UX server which is hosting our EBS apps database . The cluster after reboot was up , but cssd and ora.asm was not running […]

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