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Create a Cloud SQL PostgreSQL/MySQL database

In this post , I will demonstrate how to create a PostgreSQL and MySQL databases in GCP CloudSQL and how to access the database via cli and directly logging into the VM as well . […]

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Creating vpc peering with on prem network in GCP

Welcome to Cloud Shell! Type “help” to get started. Your Cloud Platform project in this session is set to qwiklabs-gcp-01 Use “gcloud config set project [PROJECT_ID]” to change to a different project. parwezgcp01@cloudshell:~ (qwiklabs-gcp-02-18918b9b83e4)$ bash […]

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Create a 3 node docker mysql database which will be orchestrated by GKE

1. Get the credential of the GKE Cluster Welcome to Cloud Shell! Type “help” to get started. Your Cloud Platform project in this session is set to qwiklabs-gcp-04-302f12498b68. Use “gcloud config set project [PROJECT_ID]” to […]

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How to access ec2 instance residing in private subnet

Steps: Create a VPC It will by default create router,securty groups ,NACLS, route tables Create internet gateway Create 2 subnet in the VPC One public subnet, one private subnet Create one route table in which […]

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Patch db node(linux server node) for ExaCC from oel6 to oel7

Updating the Exadata System Software on database servers is a process that entails patching the entire Oracle Linux operating system, and related Exadata software rather than just updating single packages. Updating the operating system does […]

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Check the PostgreSQL plan for visualization

Today we will see how to generate plans in graphical form freely in PostgreSQL. Try to generate a plan in json format by using the below prefix before any query you want to check plan […]

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Table partition in PostgreSQL

Table partitioning is the practice of splitting a large table into smaller sub-tables and each sub-table is created using separate CREATE TABLE commands. So every time you query data, PostgreSQL scan and process a smaller […]

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Files and Forks in Postgres

All information associated with a relation is stored in several different forks1 , each containing data of a particular type. At first, a fork is represented by a single file. Its filename consists of a […]

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Install and run mysql backup-restore using Percona Xtrabackup

The Percona XtraBackup tools provide a method of performing a hot backup of your MySQL data while the system is running. Percona XtraBackup is a free, online, open source, complete database backups solution for all […]

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AWC Cli Installation

The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool to manage your AWS services. With just one tool to download and configure, you can control multiple AWS services from the command line and automate them through […]

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