Month: July 2022

Patch db node(linux server node) for ExaCC from oel6 to oel7

Updating the Exadata System Software on database servers is a process that entails patching the entire Oracle Linux operating system, and related Exadata software rather than just updating single packages. Updating the operating system does […]

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Check the PostgreSQL plan for visualization

Today we will see how to generate plans in graphical form freely in PostgreSQL. Try to generate a plan in json format by using the below prefix before any query you want to check plan […]

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Table partition in PostgreSQL

Table partitioning is the practice of splitting a large table into smaller sub-tables and each sub-table is created using separate CREATE TABLE commands. So every time you query data, PostgreSQL scan and process a smaller […]

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Files and Forks in Postgres

All information associated with a relation is stored in several different forks1 , each containing data of a particular type. At first, a fork is represented by a single file. Its filename consists of a […]

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