Month: August 2020

MySQL InnoDB cluster Deployment on oracle cloud

In this post, I will walk you through the creation of 3 node MySQL Innodb cluster on Linux. For this demonstration , I have spin up 3 instances in oracle cloud , and I will […]

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Point in time recovery in PostgreSQL

Today’s post is about point in time recovery for a PostgreSQL database. In this post I will demonstrate, by creating a new db in PostgreSQL and creating tables and inserting some values in it . […]

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Drop and recreate ASM diskgroup in Exadata(vote disk & ocr move)

There was a requirement to clone one database from x5 exadata machine to x7 exadata. The database version was and the clone was failing on target Exadata x7 machine , saying that the database […]

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Setting up streaming replication in PostgreSQL 10

In today’s post, I will be setting up a primary and standby configuration for PostgreSQL 10 . In PostgreSQL the DR configuration is called streaming after release 9 onward. All transaction in PostgreSQL  are written […]

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