Month: May 2020

Patching Exadata cloud@customer (ExaCC) using console

In previous post, we have discussed, how to patch the db,grid and domU on ExaCC using Exadbcpatchmulti utility . In todays post , I will show how to do the same using the ExaCC […]

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Patching Exadata Cloud at customer(ExaCC) using exadbcpatchmulti

Dear readers in today’s post , I will be showing you how to patch database home or grid home installed on ExaCC systems . There are two ways to patch the db/grid home in ExaCC. […]

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RMAN Backup Fails with ORA-19914 In ExaCC

Today’s we have received the following alert from commvault backup report that one of out configured database backup was failing with the below error “RMAN Script execution failed with error [ORA-19914: unable to encrypt backup]. […]

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Terraform basics for oracle cloud infrastructure(OCI)

Oracle Cloud infrastructure resources can be managed by console,API’s etc. Console is better used when creating,maintaining individual resource. They are not suitable, if we want to launch,or want to change configuration of thousands of resources […]

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Creating NON-CDB 12c database on the Exadata Cloud at Customer (ExaCC)

In today’s post , I am going to explain, how to create a non cdb database on ExaCC system with non cdb binaries installation . Please note that only multi-tent database creation is allowed from […]