Month: April 2020

ASM Instance doesn’t start in Standalone GI with CRS-5818:Aborted command ‘check’ for resource ‘ora..dg

Today I faced a unique issue in one of our HP UX server which is hosting our EBS apps database . The cluster after reboot was up , but cssd and ora.asm was not running […]

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DIA-49803: Purge not possible due to incompatible schema version

ErrorTrying to purge oracle home get the error:adrci> purge -age 8640DIA-49803: Purge not possible due to incompatible schema version. CauseIf you do manually upgrade the database, then the adrci version of schema is not matching […]

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Build standby database with Rman duplicate

In today’s blog , I will be posting about how to create a standby database using RMAN duplicate . First of all , please keep in mind the database name will remain same for both […]

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How to delete oem 13c agents from agent host and target from oms host.

Hi , In today’s blog , I will post a scenario where I had to deinstall the oem agents from the host because it was not installed properly was giving some plugins issue . The […]

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