0602-101 Out of memory saving lines for undo

I was trying to open alert log for one of the issue happening in the database , was unable to open the alert log . The opening of file failing with

ex: 0602-101 Out of memory saving lines for undo. 

This happens when the alert log size sometimes grows too big .

To overcome this issue , type the below snippet on the server terminal

export EXINIT="set ll=80000000"

After exporting the above , try to open the alert once again

oracle@myoraclenode1:/oracle/app/rdbms/diag/rdbms/caouat/MYDB/trace>view   alert_MYDB.log
 "alert_MYDB.log" [Read only] 2006161 lines, 117728225 characters
 Adjusting the default value of parameter parallel_max_servers
 from 1920 to 780 due to the value of parameter processes (1000)
 Starting ORACLE instance (normal) (OS id: 54395506)

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